About Us / Meet Whit!

Whitney Ricketts also known as "MissSwissRolls", was born and raised in Kansas City, MO & is now residing in Dallas, TX. She grew up dancing since the age of 3. She graduated with her bachelor's in Fine Arts and a minor in Business Management from UMKC. She has danced for some of the top NBA/NFL teams such as the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders, Oklahoma City Thunder Girls, Texas Legends, and Dallas Cowboys Rhythm and Blues dance team.  Whitney has also taught internationally overseas in Africa and Jamaica to name a few. 

Picture of Whitney

One of her greatest accomplishments was joining the Army National Guard in 2014 as a Private. After 9 years she is now a full time Recruiter / Drill Sergeant as a Staff Sergeant. She plans to make a career from the military if God allows her too. 

Whitney has always wanted to own her own business. While deployed in Djibouti, Africa for 10 months, she started a business called "Signature Loops" where she made Lanyards, Bracelets, tumbler holders, etc from 550 Paracord all by hand. She made over 500 items in 6 months and since giving back is her specialty, she donated a percentage of her earnings to The Action Against Hunger for Djibouti Foundation. She also went on mission trips where she taught unfortunate girls how to make bracelets and lanyards to sell and make money to escape the sex trafficking lifestyle. Now she has evolved her brand into creating not just signature loops, but a bunch of things aka “tings” which comes from her Jamaican roots. 

Thank you for your support! By purchasing/supporting from the WC&T Brand, it also helps Whitney to support her non profit organization, Thriving Children Regardless Inc. If you'd like to be a donor please email info@ThrivingChildrenRegardless.org. Thank you again and have a Blessed Day!